In younger years Stanley was not only active on the race track. His family knew nothing of motorsports and there was a silent wish that Stanley should aim for a ”normal” education. Stanley had a clear artistic side, and a summer job in an advertising agency made him fall in love with this creative atmosphere. He studied art direction and graphic design in Stockholm which came to be a parallell path to motor sports. He started his own agency a few years later and was well-known for considerable sponsor campaigns which was created together with his long time partner Leif Lindstrom. An advertising agency was the perfect base for hunting sponsors. After a few years with some success in both fields, Stanley had to make up his mind. The racing career required all focus and the decision had to be made. It lead to a decade with a lot of success on racing circuits all over the world.


After being a professional driver for approximately 10 years, Stanley came back to the advertising business and started his own agency for the second time. A few years later he sold his business to a larger agency and joined as a part owner.


In recent years Stanley has worked as a marketing manager for several companies with a campaign for a boat manufacturing company as an extra attention-paid activity. His skills is not only in graphic design but also in copywriting and marketing leadership. Stanley have also started up and managed driving academies for Porsche, Mercedes and Audi. And since he can master the pen, he has been a freelance editor and test driver specialised on supercars, for the well-known magazine Auto Motor & Sport. Today Stanley divides his time between marketing freelance projects and team management in motor racing.